Political Issues on Facebook

by on March 27, 2013

eLife Family,

I just wanted to say “thank you” for showing self-control on Facebook over the last 24 hours & not engaging in the political war that is happening online. I’m sure you’ve seen many hateful things posted on both sides & at times, you’ve wanted to jump in & give some perspective. I think there’s a time for that. But when emotions are raging, most people are only listening to those that agree with them.

At eLife, we stand for biblical values & will continue to speak out publicly against “popular sins” in our society, like homosexuality. I’m not suggesting that this is a time to shy away from our convictions, but to pray that God would give us wisdom in calling people to repentance.

We have a reputation for loving homosexuals, fornicators & adulterers & I’m hoping that never changes. Like Jesus, we don’t want to condemn them, but we do want to encourage them to “sin no more.”

As often as you see hate spewed on Facebook, I’d encourage you to pray that God would continue to give us great effectiveness in reaching people for Christ.

This would not even be an issue if everyone had a biblical worldview & closely followed Jesus. It’s pretty exciting that as often as we lead people to Christ, worldviews are changing & many will no longer look to themselves as an authority, but instead to God’s Word. That’s a WIN for sure!

Just wanted to say thanks,